Test out for a new belt in Godai Jujitsu online with your video and portfolio:


To test for a new rank promotion in jujitsu you will have to e-mail us your current jujitsu rank and style and submit a valid certificate or diploma that clearly states your present degree. You must write your full name and adress and your phonenumber and date of birth. You must also submit a photo of you, a "Head-Shot" with clear white background, and then write in not more then 1000 words about your training, instructors, camps and other possible ranks you have. The most important thing to submit is of course a video URL (videolink like youtube, unlisted) where you show your skills in Jujitsu.


We accept applications for new ranks from 5 kyu - 1 kyu and from 1 Dan Black belt to 4 Dan Black belt online this way. For higher rank promotions you must test out live for one of our Masters in Godai Jujitsu.


If you are not promoted to a new rank after your application youre money will be fully refunded (minus the cost for the payment service if you have paid with Paypal). We recommend you to pay with Swish or making a EU bank account transfer. If you live outside Europe and EU you can of course pay using Paypal.


After payment, send the aboved mentioned things to following e-mail:




Promotion Fees are at the moment as following:


5 Kyu Yellow Belt 300 SKR (€30) *

4 Kyu Orange Belt 500 SKR (€50)

3 Kyu Green Belt 500 SKR (€50)

2 Kyu Blue Belt 700 SKR (€70)

1 Kyu Brown Belt 700 SKR (€70)


1 Dan Black Belt 2000 SKR (€200)

2 Dan Black Belt 3000 SKR (€300)

3 Dan Black Belt 3000 SKR (€300)

4 Dan Black Belt 4500 SKR (€450)


* When testing for yellow belt and passing the test, a Godai Jujitsu Patch will be included free and shipped to you.


A patch normally costs 100 SKR (€10). If you order 5 or more Godai patches you get 40% discount.


If you test and pass a black belt test you can promote your own students to the rank of two belts below your own rank. When you pass a black belt test you will get more information about this.


Certificates will be shipped from us within a week.


For payment options, please contact us on the e-mail adress above.



How long do I have to wait between my tests for coloured belts, 5 to 1 kyu?


We reccomend between 3 to 6 months between the yellow, orange and green belt. Between green and blue, and blue to brown we recommend 6 to 12 months


Between 1 Dan and 2 Dan we recommend no less then 8 months, and between 2 Dan and 3 Dan no less than a year. Between 3 Dan and 4 Dan we recommend at least 2 years and 6 months.


These times are for the really dedicated jujitsu practioners who train almost every day and makes progress.


Can I open a Jujitsu school under Godai Jujitsu?


Yes, you can if you are at least a brown belt and has impressed us with your skills. Contact us for more information please.



I am 4 kyu orange belt in jujitsu now, can I try out for 2 kyu blue belt now?


No, you can not, only with the exception that you havn´t been promoted for over a year but you have been active training jujitsu all the time. Then it might be a yes.


I have 1 kyu brown belt in Jujitsu, but in another style. Can I test out for 1 Dan Black belt through this site and you?


Yes, from 5 kyu and up to 1 Dan it´s possible to test for next belt, but you need to send us a valid certificate of your current rank by e-mail.


I am a 3 kyu green belt jujitsu practioner but I am good enough for a black belt. Can I test for 1st Dan with you?


No, We can permit someone that has been training for a long time a two steps kyu rank promotion, but never to black belt. Test out for brown belt with us and then wait 6-12 months and you are welcome to test for 1 Dan if you have continued training.



What is so special with Godai Jujitsu?


As far as we know, no one has ever built a Jujitsu style on the five elements (Godai). The mon and kyu belts are not so different from other styles, but from 1 Dan up till 5th Dan, every Dan degree is built up by techniques and moves belonging to each element. 1 Dan is Fire, 2 Dan is Earth, 3 Dan is Water, 4 Dan is Wood or Wind depending on the practitioners previous knowledge and 5 Dan is Void or Metall. What this means you have to train Godai Jujitsu to understand. 6 Dan and above is secret to people who not passed a 5th Dan Godai Jujitsu test.





This is the ordinary Godai Jujitsu patch that everyone promoted in the system can wear. The patch is 10 cm in Diameter and has an Iron On backside, but we recommend that you dont risk your patch and your Gi and sew it on instead. Price is €10 per patch + shipping (€2.00 international). If you buy 5 or more you get 40% discount (Not on the shipping, the price will be a little different depending on quantity and where you live).

This Patch is the Godai Jujitsu Master patch and can only be worn by the persons that passed a 5 Dan Godai Jujitsu test which means that he/she knows all the elements and their styles and also has his own Godai Jujitsu School. If you see someone wearing this patch in your dojo, immediatly check with us. Take a photo of him and the patch, thank you. Please contact us asap, please. You have to be at least 35 years minimum to wear the patch.

The certificate above is never valid without the special number security seal on and to 1 Dan Black belt and above with both the founders names signed. All certificates given out by any instructor representing Godai Jujitsu have their numbers registered in a secret physical book only accessed by the founders. For this reason it is impossible for someone to create a false certificate. If you suspect a certificate not being valid, please check with us using the contactformular on this site and include name, number and rank of the certificate you want to get verified.

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